Tuesday, September 4, 2012

16 weeks

I can't believe I am already four months along! Seems slow and fast all at the same time. The fact that we are having a baby girl still hasn't sunk in all the way for Nate and I. Whenever Nate talks about the baby, he says he, instead of she. I have to keep correcting him. It is strange though, going from being pregnant with a boy, and delivering a boy and having a boy nursery and boy pictures and always talking about our angle baby boy, to being pregnant with a girl! Seems kinda surreal. Getting in girl mode has been a big switch. BUT OH DO I LOVE IT! Thinking of girl names, and nursery themes, and bow and ribbons OH MY! Sooo fun! I can't wait to meet her and see what she will look like and be like.  Everyone keeps saying she is going to have red hair....But I don't want to get my hopes up. Because I will love her no matter what she looks like, (but red hair would be a fun surprise).  

Thought I would give you guys some pregnancy updates:

I am still sick....Yep, 16 weeks and still throwing up, but sooo totally worth it. My OB said that carrying girls is harder in His experience. Oh do I believe it. Still working on the weight gain, but He said it will come, and this week my appetite has been out of control. So I am sure I will start packing on the lbs.

I am growing! Bring on the baby bump! Some of my friends don't show forever and are super tiny and make me jealous. But honestly, Pregnancy is beautiful! I love big round bellies. I am not 5'7 and I have no torso, So I am going to show and show proud. So when I am 30 weeks and look like I am 40 weeks and about to pop, Just tell me I look beautifully pregnant :) Deal?

I just started to feel baby girl move yesterday!! I am ecstatic! I couldn't feel Porter move till 19 weeks, so this is a great surprise! When I had my ultrasound, the ultrasound tech said that she was super hyper and was moving like crazy. He also said that they don't open their hands at this stage and stay in a ball. Well baby girl made him a liar, because she was waving and straightening out and grooving with everything she had.  Just like her older brother.  Once I could feel Porter move, He never stopped. One thing that I love about my babies! They are crazy hyper just like their Mom :)

Baby girl and Mom and doing good. She is growing and is measuring great. Her head is a week bigger then the rest of her body (Thanks Nate for your huge head) so I am hoping that means she is really smart ;).

 I am going to see the specialist in 4 more weeks to get a game plan.  But for now things are just dandy. 

 I love this little girl, more then words can express.


  1. I love it! I am sorry you are still so sick, but indeed it is worth it. I keep telling myself that too, and that having a giant belly is beautiful. It truly is, and you ARE beautiful! That is so fun you can feel her moving already. I couldn't be happier for you and can't wait to hear more.

  2. Maybe this will give you some hope...I was really sick with Juliette and thought it would never end. Everyone told me it would around 12 or 14 weeks. Mine did end though, at 17 weeks. Maybe you will be the same? But then it came back the last month :( Congrats, I'm so glad you get to have a girl!