Tuesday, December 17, 2013

All About Autumn

1. You weigh 14lbs 10oz at 11.5 months old, hence the nickname Miss Tiny!
2. You wear size 6-9 clothes, but are super long so you have to wear size 12 month pants, however they are huge around your waist.
3. You have strawberry blonde hair
4. You have the most enchanting big blue eyes, and get compliments on them all the time!
5. You love to clap
6. You love your fingers
7. You are curious about everything
8. You love to grunt and snort
9. You hate to be alone, and will cry even if someone turns their back to you.
10. You love momma, until daddy gets home. Then it's all daddy love.
11. You are a light and picky eater.
12. You like crackers, bread, apples, noodles and rice

13. You are army crawling likes it nobodies busy
14. You love Ollie, our dog. You guys are like two peas in a pod
15. You sleep 8 hours straight at night, eat, then sleep another 3-4 hours.
16. You take two hour long naps a day.
17. You love to be carried, and would rather be in someones arms over playing on the floor.
18. You fake cough all the time
19. You are a very social baby
20. You love to drink out of adult glasses, and are pretty good at it. 
21. You are obsessed with phones, and have learned to set alarms and delete apps.
22. You love bath time, and like to be on your belly splashing the whole time.
23. You have a really soft, dainty voice.
24. You would rather play with a piece of paper or over a toy.
25. You are very animated
26. You notice the tiniest of details. If there is a crumb on the table you will grab it and examine it forever.
27. You have been in the hospital a total of 50 days
28. You go to daycare two days a week
29. You have 3 teeth
30. You love your binki
31. You had major reconstructive surgery on your skull when you were only 6 months old, but you handled it like a champ. Mom on the other hand did not.
32. You had 81 stitches as a result, and your scar is almost completely faded.
33. You hate when I put lotion on you, but I do it everyday.
34. You have had 4 sets of ear infections
35. You currently have an outie belly button
36. You are a super pooper, and have a few blow outs a week.
37. You have three sets of grandparents
38. You mimic other peoples sounds
39. You go to sleep listening to music every night
40.  You have modeled for two different businesses
41. You were the first granddaughter born on Nate's side
42. You almost always fall asleep in the car
43. You wear size 1 shoes, but they never stay on your feet long.
44. Your head is in the 80th percentile
45. Your weight is in the negative 3rd percentile
46. Your height is in the 20th percentile
47. You love to snuggle
48. You have an Angel older brother looking over you.
49. You have inspired many people
50. You are truly a MIRACLE!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

10 & 11 months

This little miss of mine is growing up way too fast! I feel like everyday she is learning something new. 
I am torn between loving how much she is discovering the world each day, and hating how fast each day goes. Yesterday I was able to go see my visiting teacher's brand new baby. What a shock that was! He was so tiny and helpless! I thought Autumn was still a baby. I mean she is only 15.5 lbs. However, she is definitely not a baby anymore. 
She is army crawling, sitting by herself. She jabbers and says da-da, Hi and ba-ba. She can stand up next to furniture and play with toys. She is curious and aware. She laughs and grunts and patty cakes! She is a big girl now! 
It's truly amazing how much she has accomplished in her 11 months of life!
Hard to believe that she will be ONE, in 3 weeks.  I am so proud of my Miss Tiny!