Sunday, September 7, 2014


This was quiet unexpected, seeing that we weren't trying to get pregnant and it took us over a year to get pregnant with Autumn, but we are excited to welcome baby Adams to our family April 2015. Hopefully baby will come in April, we are at least shooting for March. Lets pray baby doesn't come in February, Yikes.
I am extremely nervous,.... obviously, since I lost my first baby at 31 weeks, then had my second baby at 33 weeks. Plus all the health challenges missy has had and her surgeries. You could say I am just a bit nervous. Plus being pregnant isn't exactly a walk in the park for me. Between the migraines, throwing up my entire pregnancy, sever depression and anxiety, constant heart burn, acne, horrible back pain, swelling, and the emotion trauma I have had, I can say with 100 percent asurity that I HATE being pregnant.I am sorry to those that it offends, but it is true.
 Of course I love that I can get pregnant, that is such an amazing gift. I love the feeling of having a baby inside me, moving around, it truly is a miracle. But that my friends is about it. So please pray for me. I wasn't planning on having another baby for a while, so the Lord must think that I am ready and strong enough. If I could have a baby without being pregnant and know that it would be health I could have 10 more today. But that's just not the way it happens.  I just hope I can keep this little one in a little longer than I did with Autumn! I really don't think I can do the NICU thing again. Besides all my worries, I am excited for Autumn to have a sibling. If baby comes on time they will be 28.5 months apart, which I think will be great! So here goes nothing!!!