Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cast your votes!

Guess what....... Nate and I get to find out what gender our baby is on Friday! (well, hopefully, if baby corporates) We are soooo excited. We already have it all plan on how we are going to tell our families! Pictures and of course the revealing to come!

I am going to give you a little bit of info about this pregnancy compared to my one with Porter so you can cast your votes.

First Pregnancy (had a boy)

1. I got morning sickness bad, but when I discovered the amazing pill called Zofran at 6 weeks, I didn't have too many problems with it. 

2. Because Zofran was magic, I gained weight fast. 5lbs my first trimester.

3. I got headaches ALL THE TIME! It was rough.

4. I dreamed that I had a boy.

5. I felt like I was going to have a boy.

6. I carried really high.

7. I craved fresh fruits and veggies and In and Out. Weird combo right.

Second Pregnancy (to be determined)

1. I got and still have morning, afternoon and night sickness. Zofran isn't as magic as it once was.

2. I have only gained 2 pounds in 14.5 weeks. 

3. The headaches are alot milder. Thank heavens

4. I haven't had any dreams of baby. Just of baby girl nursery designs. (but I think that is because the nursery is already finished for if we have a boy)

5. I don't have a feeling of if it's girl or boy.

6. I am carrying lower.

7. I am still craving fruits and veggies, as well as Chips salsa. I can down a jar of salsa in two days :)

Soooo, there you go folks. Let the voting begin!!!


  1. Boy. Every pregnancy is different no matter what the gender is.

  2. I'm new to your blog. I have visited before and I just want to say I have been touched by your honesty and by your sensitive. You're a great person you will/are a great mother! My guess is boy too. My friend thought because her second pregnancy was totally different that the gender would be, but it wasn't! Totally just depends I think!

  3. I say boy too. Zofran didn't do a thing for me with Liam and I was sure he would be a girl because I was SO sick.

  4. Oh I have just no idea!!! I look forward to hearing the results!

  5. I'm going to say girl as well. EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I am going to guess boy. Can't wait to find out!

  7. Hmmmm.....I think a boy! Tell us already,lol!