Monday, November 24, 2014

Overdue Update

Lots has been happening on the Adams front. Besides being pregnant, of course, we have had a lot more surprises come our way. First, I quit my job the beginning of October. I was working at Art City Nursing and Rehab as the Activity Director. It was a great job. I loved the residents, the staff and the location. My boss was super understanding about family matters, or emergencies that causes me to miss work. However, once I became pregnant the absences started to steadily increase. My morning sickness, AKA all day barfing while dealing with migraines, made it especially hard for me to work. I did my best for 2 months, but then my husband, boss and I decided that it just wasn't working. We decided I would try to be On-Call, and they would hire a new Rec. Therapist. Nate and I weren't happy about this, since I made about half of our income, but we couldn't figure out what else I could do with being so sick.  If you don't know, Pregnancy is seriously awful for me. I love that I can get pregnant, but my body is not cut out for it. With this understanding Nate and I decided to move forward and have me stay at home with Autumn. I would work on managing our already tiny budget and he would look for a new, higher paying job. We did LOTS of praying and visiting the Temple. I had several break downs about feeling worthless and guilty and that it was all my fault that we were struggling so bad. Even with me working full time we still didn't meet our monthly bills. We were still paying on my C-section from almost 2 years ago. Still paying on Autumn's surgeries. Still paying on our crazy high credit card bill, due to Nate losing his jobs 8 times in our 7 year marriage. Plus we had our normal everyday bills. I became so overwhelmed I started have my panic/anxiety attacks again. Which obviously is not good for the baby. Nate was very stressed as well, but kept reassuring me that it would work out. He didn't know how, but it would...and of course he was right,.... I just had to be patient,... Not my specialty. 

Nate's Grandparents live in Layton. His Grandpa grew up in the house right next to where they live now.  They paid off the property and kept it through all the years to rent to friends and family. An older couple had been living there for about 15 years, we all assumed they would be living there the rest of their lives. A few weeks ago, this couple decided to move out suddenly, leaving the house next to Nates Grandparents empty.  Nate's father called us with an interesting proposition. He knew Nate was looking for a new job, and I needed to stay home full time. He also knew that we had been wanting to rent our Condo out for quite sometime, so we could get some rental history under our belt to eventually buy another home. He suggested that we could move up to Layton... with reduced rent, and rent our Condo out.  This was quite the proposal. 

Nate and I knew we wouldn't survive another month with the income he was bringing home.  We prayed, and decided that Nate would tell his work about this opportunity in Layton. We were nervous that they would just let him go on the spot, however they surprised us and gave Nate an 6 dollar an hour raise to stay working for them.  This was very unexpected. We went through our finances to see if we could stay in Springville with the raise. We still wouldn't be able to make ends meet, but if he continued working at his job in Provo and we moved up to Layton, we would be able to pay our bills and actually put extra towards paying down our medical bills. 

We went to the Temple with some questions and recieved some answers. We decided that Nate would commute on the Front Runner from Layton to Provo.  It will be over 3 hours on the Train everyday, but Nate said he was looking forward to it. He has been wanting to catch up on some reading, watch shows, and just have time to decompress each day.  It will cause him to be away from home 13-14 hours a day, which is going to be lonely,....but we feel like it is worth it to finally get a handle on our debt.  
Its amazing how all of this happened so suddenly. Just a few weeks ago Nate and I were talking Bankruptcy, and now our prayers have been answered.  The Lord knows when to step in.  He knows that even if you think that there is no hope and that you will never make it, that there is a way. We just have to continue to be faithful. That's the Key.  Although I was so overwhelmed at times I couldn't get myself out of bed, we would still go to Church. We would still prayed and read our Scriptures. We would still visit the Temple to get answers and confirmations that we were doing everything that we could.  I am no saint by any means, at times I have felt like I have been doing all the right things, but the Lord has forgotten me. With all the trials I have gone through, I have thought, Okay... I made it through that one,...barely.... I should be good for a while..,right? But then another Trial would come barreling at me, just when I was catching my breath. I knew it was the Lord helping me be Stronger, but it  sure felt like He was picking on me. I did my best to stay faithful. I know that because I have literally dragged myself/ or had others help drag me through my trials, the Lord has given me Blessing beyond measure. I am so thankful for Him. I love my Savior with all my Heart and know that I would not make it through this life without HIM!

Baby girl update will be coming soon.