Monday, August 29, 2011


 Nate and I went Backpacking through Wind rivers in Wyoming with our friends, Jessie and Ryan Egbert and Sarah and Kerry Crandell. We left Wednesday and didn't get back till Sunday night. It was so amazing and beautiful and hard.  We packed in all our gear for our 4 day trip up the mountain.

Our Packs were 30-40 pound. (My back still hasn't recovered)

It was 5 miles all up hill to our base camp

Our Camp for the next 4 days.

Oli was such a trooper. He would run ahead on the trail to make sure there weren't any bears and then come back to lead the way.  He loved being in nature with all the new smells and wildlife. By the end of the trip we could tell he was pooped. He slept the whole 6 hours home.

Our first day we hiked up to the lake, Twin and Shirley. It was about 3 miles from our base camp. Ryan and Jessie were the Pro fishers of the group, followed by Sarah and Kerry. Nate and I struggled the first two days.  By the end of the trip we had gotten the hang of it. We even had competitions to see who could catch the first 3 fish the fastest. 

While on our way to the various lakes we found surprises.....

Like a meadow of wild strawberries! They were SO delicious and tiny. We all found handfuls and handfuls!

The mountains were beautiful! Most of the time we were hiking there was no trail. We relied on Ryan to guild us through the rough terrain, since his family had been coming up here for years.

Fishing at the Great Gatsby!

We would catch so many fish that we just threw them back.  These are the ones we ate for dinner.

We got rained on ALOT! this was a little surprise as we were hiding in a cave for the storm to pass.

The mosquitoes LOVED me, even when I wore bug spray

Lost Lake! My Favorite place we hiked. I almost didn't make it due to the strain of the first 2 days of hiking, plus this lake was the farthest away from camp.  It was so worth it!

I just loved being with the love of my life!

Sarah and Kerry!

What an Adventure Backpacking was. It was so nice to get away from everything. Phones, Computers, Work, School and just be in Nature and with Friends.