Wednesday, May 30, 2012


  1. Bury or drown beneath a huge mass.
  2. Defeat completely.
  3. To overcome or crush.
 Yep, that sums up my day......

Hoping for a better one tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was hard this year;
Porter was not with me,
This is the second year without him
This was the fifth Mother's Day I have had without a child. 
It was three Mother's Days ago that we announced that we were pregnant.
This year I didn't have my Ward to support me, since we were visiting Nate's mom.  
I had to go to two sacrament meetings celebrating Motherhood. 
I had to leave the second one twice because of crying. 
It was the first Mother's day since my parents divorce. 
This was the first Mother's day without my mom in the same state as me. I didn't realized how sad I would be not to have her here with me. 
This week I found out four of my friends that have struggled with infertility are pregnant (which is so incredibly wonderful) I am just ready... So ready for my turn.
I was on my period! Talk about bad timing!!

Mother's Day did have some positives;
I recieved several sweet and tender texts and Facebook messages from my friends and family sending me loves.
We were able to come down to St. George and spend time with Nate's mom.
I received special gifts from friends and family letting me know they were thinking of me.
I was able to listen to my Father in-law speak of Motherhood, which was very touching
I was able to think of Porter and my husband and how lucky I am to be an angle mommy and cherished wife.
I was also able to ponder the Atonement of Jesus Christ and strengthen my testimony of eternal families. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5th times a charm

Well,.......I have some news....Not the news I would like, but I think I am dealing pretty well with it.  Nate lost his job. Again,... you might say,... Yes.. Again! This is no reflection on Nate's performance, just on this lame economy.  This is the 5th time Nate has been let go from his job in our 5 year marriage. 

Nate and I have been beyond blessed with jobs. Each time Nate loses his job, he gets a better one. Although sometimes it takes awhile. Well, this time it is different. Nate started up a business last September but with school and work full-time he has not been able to give it his full attention. His business is called "Inline Striping" it is parking lot striping. When he has time to make bids,send them out to companies and win them, Nate makes around 100 bucks an hour. However, with all his time constraints this year he hasn't had time to do many bids.  We thought that when he was done with school, get could really go head first into this. 

Nate and I talked and prayed the day he lost his job and decided this was the perfect opportunity for Nate business.  Nate losing his job is actually a blessing. Now Nate will have more time to send bids out to companies and actually stripe parking lots during the week, instead of just the weekends. I am very hopeful that this is why Nate got let go from his job. I think the Lord is leading us down this path. Nate is majoring in Business with an entrepreneur emphasis. What better then to be working full time on developing his own business. I have faith in our decision; the Lord has never let us down. We have always paid our tithing and we have seen first hand how the Lord blesses us because of it. We just have to continue to do our part and the Lord with help us.

Some other positives about Nate losing his job is that he is home!!! I get to see him when I get home from work and on my days off. We have been very productive the past 4 days Nate hasn't had work.

 We redid our pantry
I forgot to take a before picture, but it was a disaster. 
These were our old shelves
New shelves
 Nate working hard
Ta-Da! Nate's the Man!
All organized

We have also been catching up on some US time. 

We have been going on Dates, Playing games, Making yummy food, Walking Mr. Oliver... Together! It's been great! I am just praying that Nate's business works out! I have a good feeling about it.


 It's the best being able to cook food together, and actually both be home to eat it!