Sunday, June 19, 2011

I can love me

Lately I have been feeling down on myself both physically and mentally.  Since I ran my 5k I kinda stopped making goals for myself. I only run on occasion, and when I went running with my friends on Friday it really showed. (made it about 1.5 miles and had to stop, Yikes!) I also have been feeling depressed about who I am.  I feel like I have lost some of my "Katieness" the stuff that makes me happy and high spirited.  So I am going to make a list of things that I love about myself and the things I can do to help me love myself more.

What I love about me:
1. My intellect
2. My bluntness
3. My big brown eyes
4. My quirky sense of humor
5. My love of nature and outdooriness
6. My super mad dancing skills :)
7. My ability to connect with others
8. My Faith and love for my Savior
9. My persistence
10. My awesome red hair

What I can do to love me more:
1. Read my scriptures everyday
2. Go running or biking 3 times a week
3. Sing outloud
4. Listen and believe compliments others give me
5. Wake up before 10:00 am on days I don't work
6. Pray everyday
7. Serve
8. Do not compare
9. Read a new book a month
10. Make someone laugh everyday