Monday, January 20, 2014

Porters 3rd Birthday

Of course I am a few months late in writing this post, Life seems to be getting busier, busier everyday. Our little angle baby, Porter Owen Adams, turned 3 years old on November 18,2013. We have a tradition that every year on Porter's birthday we write letters to him and do a ballon launch. I like to think that he gets our letters, or at least can feel that we are thinking about him.  This year was particularly special because Autumn was able to send our letters to her heavenly brother!

Letter from Mom

Dear Porter,
Happy Birthday darling! I can't believe you are three years old! It would be so fun to see you running around chasing Ollie and rolling on the ground with Autumn. I am sure you are watching over her all the time without us realizing it. I love you so much Porter. I can't wait to be with you again and have you and Autumn play together. The pain of when you died was so intense, I thought it would never stop hurting....but the Atonment of Jesus Christ has helped heal the hole in my heart that you were supposed to fill.  Also as time passes I find that I gain more perspective and understanding on what your purpose was.  It was to teach us that we can be together forever and that we can overcome anything with the Lords help. Thank you for being such an example to me.  I am sure you are up in heaven teaching the gospel and being an amazing missionary.  I love and miss you so much. Continue to watch over us. I can feel you often. Happy Birthday my sweet angel!
                            Love always,  MOM

Letter from Dad

Happy Birthday! I am so glad to have a day to celebrate you.  We miss you. We hope that you are doing great things.  We love you so much and cannont wait to meet and talk to you. Your little sister Autumn is doing so well.  She has had some struggles as I am sure you know. She has done so well to get through it all, and continue to gow and learn. We are glad to know that she has an older brother waching out for her. This year has been very busy. We have been thinking about you and what you would be doing if you were here with us. We know you would be playing and laughing with your sister all the time. You have changed our lives by visiting us. When the day comes we are excited to see what you have been accomplishing up in heaven.
                             Love, DAD


  1. so special! What a great way to celebrate him! PS can your family be any cuter!?

  2. I love this tradition and love that it's something Autumn can be a part of too!