Friday, January 3, 2014

Birthday Letter

Dear Autumn,
I have decided that I am going to write you a letter every year for your birthday. Then you will have letters from me throughout the years to hopefully love and cherish as I have loved and cherished you!

My darling little miss tiny, this year has been one of the hardest and happiest years of my life. I never thought I could love someone so much. The 6 weeks you were in the NICU, were one of the roughest parts of my life. Then when you had your reconstructive surgery on your skull 5 months later, I could bearly keep myself together. I thought at any moment my heart would break in two. The only thing that kept me whole was your strength. You were resilent through all of it. You are truely a fighter my dear. You showed me the power of prayer and faith. As well as the support and love all around us.
Autumn, I am so thankful that Heavenly Father sent you to me. You are so special. You have such a sweet spirit about you. Everyone you meet can feel it. You are magnetic.  When I tell people about your story, they immediately tell me how they could sense something special about you.
Autumn, you make me laugh everyday with your fake coughs, snorts, grunts and giggles. I feel that my heart will explode with all the love I have for you. You are so curious. You are constantly looking around and examining your surroundings. You have to be the center of attention.  You are such a social baby. Always teasing others with your adorable shy smile and jibber-jabbers. You light up my life.  I love what a snuggle bug you are. You love to cuddle up with dad and I, or even our dog Ollie. You are so tender and gentle. You softly touch my face as I rock you to sleep each night, and it always brings tears to my eyes. Your voice is so soft and sweet, and when you sing everyone stops to listen. 
I want you to know that Mom and Dad love you so incredibly much! I can not adequately express how much you mean to me. I hope you can feel it, because I can feel your love.
 Its hard to believe a year has already flown by. I can't wait to see what joys this next year brings. Happy Happy Birthday Autumn!

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