Thursday, April 4, 2013

3 months

As I sit here on the computer I am overcome with such amazement and joy at the little mini-me asleep in her swing. It's hard to believe she has only been apart of my life for 3 months  (and 8 months in utero). I can't imagine my life without her. Heavenly Father has blessed me beyond measure with this tiny little girl. She is such a strong girl. She has quiet the personality as well.
Autumn loves to have her hand out stretched at all times.

She loves to furrow her brow
She is getting super strong and holding her head up
She is on the verge of smiling...
(for real, not just sleep and gas smiles)
Oh my heart can bearly wait.
She has doubled in weight since birth!
She is a super star at tracking and can follow my face!

She loves tummy time

She loves her car seat, and always falls right to sleep
She yawns more than any baby I have ever seen
She Loves her Binki
(thank goodness)
She has a mom that adores her
And a Dad who Cherishs her

What a Blessed Family we are!

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