Monday, March 26, 2012


I was able to go to a Relief Society dinner last week and listen to a wonderful speaker (Brad Wilcox) talk about Grace. It was so amazing to learn and grow as the spirit spoke through him.  I was able to grasp new things about grace that I have never thought about. Here are two of my favorite quotes he shared,

"Grace is not the light at the end of the tunnel when all is said and done,..It is the light that surrounds us and moves us through the tunnel"

"If God requires nothing of us, He can make nothing of us."

His talk really brought me peace and comfort. It helped me realize that when 2 Nephi states, "We are saved by the grace of God, after all we can do"  The "WE" is Heavenly father and me, Not the we as in me and everyone else. Heavenly Father is there helping me the whole time. There is never two foot steps in the sand. There is just one, Heavenly Father's. He is doing all he can do to bring me back. I am powerless without him and through his everlasting grace, little ole Katie can be back with him. He is everything. He loves me. He is always with me, carrying me through the tunnel. I love my Savior. I am so thankful that I have the gospel in my life. It has helped me through the many trials in my life. I feel his grace daily. I need his grace daily in order for me to endure to the end.


  1. Thank you for the insight Katie, I have never thought about grace that way before and how WE can mean what you discovered it to mean. How comforting.I still pray for you daily and love you so much! I can't wait to move up closer to you guys so we can play! Have a great day love!

  2. Beautifully put. Thank you for sharing, Katie.