Sunday, October 30, 2011

Letter to Porter

I wrote this letter on November 19, 2010 and sent it in a balloon towards heaven the day after I had Porter. (I made sure to make a copy of it) this is what it said.

Dear little Porter,
    You are such a blessing to me.  You have showed me that Heavenly Father knows me better than anyone else.  You showed me that families can be together forever and that I can love deeper than I thought possible.  You are my little angel sent to remind me how loved and supported I am.  You have touched my life forever little one, I love you so much.  My heart aches to touch and hold you in my arms,.. to kiss your little fingers and hear your giggles, but I know Heavenly Father is holding you now.  It brings me so much comfort knowing He is watching over you.  I will love you always my perfect Porter.
                                                        Love,  your mom


  1. I love this letter, Katie. It is so sweet. Thanks for sharing these tender and heartfelt words with us.

  2. I came across your blog about a year ago, and have followed it ever since. I'm so sorry about little Porter. I want you to know I've prayed for you a lot, and I've felt God's love for you, your husband, and baby Porter. You are such a strong woman. I hope you know that.

    Porter is waiting for you in the heavens. You WILL see him again.