Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Loving ourselves

I have been pondering several questions as I have been sitting at work listening to the women that surround me belittle themselves. Why? Why do we hate ourselves so? Why do we constantly pick out all of our flaws and minimize all of our strengths. Why do we try to reach some imaginary perfection that no one can? Why do we place our value on our waist size or the length of our eyelashes? I associate with some of the most beautiful, intelligent, interesting, fabulous women everyday, but they are also the most critical! This ideal we all have for ourselves is not healthy. It affects our self-worth, our relationships and our happiness. Who wants to think about calories when you are enjoying food. Or what the hip thing to wear is when you go play with your friends. When did our interactions become so superficial and based so much about our appearances. Why do women only talk about food, fat and fashion. Lets be a little deeper. Reach alittle further into ourselves and talk about the real stuff.. the hard stuff... the stuff that we all want to but are to afraid to let others know, stuff! I admit I am guilt of be obsessed with my appearance. I am a women, I want to look nice and be attractive but to my own standards, not the worlds. Who says short legs aren't beautiful. Who says that my shape isn't the ideal shape and who cares. I am Kathryn Nichole Juchau Adams. I have my flaws and put myself down for them, but I am sick of it. I want to change. I am beautiful GOSH DARNIT! Who is with me?


  1. I'm with you!!! Thank you for this, Katie. It is so true! I think that it is very sad that we not only put ourselves down but that we think we should put ourselves down because we think that we won't be "humble" if we talk positively about ourselves. What a stupid lie! What is wrong with telling yourself that you like the way you look? Nothing. Nothing at all. So Kaitlyn, you are beautiful. There, I said it! And it feels good =) Katie, you are beautiful too and thank you for posting this! =)

  2. You are so wonderful Kati! I love you! You are so beautiful! Thanks for being your positive self.

  3. Thank you Katie! As you know, I was in treatment for an eating disorder for a couple of months, and it took me listening to these beautiful girls that I loved constantly putting themselves down to realize that I am beautiful, and I need to tell myself that more often. It's always nice to have a reminder, though. :D So, I'll say it too, NaRhea, you are a smart, strong, beautiful woman. :D