Monday, February 21, 2011

4 kidneys?

I have been on a journey of hospital visits to determine what caused the lose of my beautiful baby. The Perionatologist (help you get pregnant doctor) that I am seeing said that 80 percent of still-borns have unexplained deaths. Because of this and the fact that me and Porter were very health during my whole pregnancy, she believes (as well as my whole family) that he just wasn't meant to be here and there were no problems. It is hard to think that I didn't have any contributing factors in his death, however I have gotten confirmation that I did everything right. Due to the mystery of all of this, I have been getting tests to see what didn't happen to help rule out certain things, e.g blood disorders, diabetes. ect.
Now for the interesting part. During one of my visits, I needed to get an ultrasound done on my kidneys. Why my kidneys.. well when you have a bi-cornate uterus (basically I have two, I know it is weird) you usually have other duplicated organs, and kidneys are most common. Well to my surprise I have 4 kidneys! They look like two jelly beans hooked together on both sides of my abdomen. They go from my rib to my hip bone. Surprised? I would say so. I asked the radiologist if I could donate two of my kidneys and still have two and he paused and said... "Probably" with a chuckle. I find this to be another reason why I am so unique. Katie Adams, The redheaded, brown eyed, 2 uterus, 4 kidney women!


  1. Wow!! I have never heard of that before! Four kidneys? So what happens during pregnancy when you have more than one uterus? Just one of them is used and the other gets squished out of the way for a while? I have been so curious about everything that happened with your sweet little Porter ever since I saw your pictures on facebook...I have just not been brave enough to ask...

  2. Ashley you are exactly right. I get pregnant on one side and they other one moves out of the way. I got pregnant on my right side and looked a little funny as I got bigger. The problem is that I have a septum in the middle so if the egg implants on the septum I will miscarry. So my uterus is normal size just split in half. So the baby has half the room to grow. It has definitely been an experience getting pregnant, staying pregnant and figuring out what can help us with the whole process. You can ask me anything, anytime!

  3. My Mom had 2 uteruses along with duplicates for a few more things...(I'll tell you in person)

    She found out when she was pregnant with me and had a risky surgery to remove one of the uteruses and others.

    She was told she wouldn't have any other children. Then she went on to have 4 more!

  4. Oh I love you Katie! You are so wonderfully unique in so many amazing ways! I'm so sorry I didn't call you this last week to hang out; it was a crazy week and my family scheduled out every moment of my time and I also had to study for a test I had to pass to graduate. Next time I come up we will have to hang out for sure! I love you! Hang in there! And for the record, if I ever need an extra kidney, I call dibbs on one of yours =) jk. Love you!