Saturday, August 17, 2013

7 months

Of course this post is late, but nevertheless here it is...

Missy is 7 months old! It's so fun to see her how she has changed in just a month! Most of her swelling from her surgery is gone now! Loving her beautiful new face!

 She has been growing like a weed this past month! Her appetite is through the roof. She still doesn't like baby food. She will take a few bites then start to gag. She loves sucking on cucumbers and peaches though. We are going through tons of formula to say the least!

She is finally rolling over both ways. She master from her belly to her back months ago, however going from her back to belly was a challenge. She just didn't seem interested. Now that she has figured it out she is rolling all over the house. 

She still hates sitting, she would rather stand all day then sit for one minute. If you have her sit, she locks her legs and throws her head back so she can be straight. Such a goof!

The silliest thing Autumn has been doing this month is fake coughing. She does it all the time. It cracks me up. She looks at me coughs and then smiles! 

She loves Mr. Oliver (our dog) She squeals whenever he lays by her. He lets her pull on his ears and smack him in the face. They are best buds.

 Autumn's hair is finally starting to grow back from her surgery. It basically peach fuzz, but it is red fuzz!

Missy is giggling, and talking up a storm! She is such a character!

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