Monday, July 29, 2013

5 & 6 months

So I am a little behind on Autumn's month posts. Life's been a bit heck-tick with Missy's surgery, Nate losing his job and both of us looking for jobs. Oh and being a Mother is a bit time consuming! Here is Autumn's life in a nut shell the past two months!

 She decided she was a diva!

Oli has to know whats going with Autumn at all times!

 She has been constantly getting Daddy and Mommy Loves

 And may have had her first taste of Icecream....

 I can't get over how much she has grown in 4 months! 

She Celebrated the 4th of July in style

It was pretty exhausting

 She had her first Swimming lesson!

 She tried Solid food....
Not a success, unless you count spitting out the food and eating the spoon
She is almost sitting up by herself. 
She can roll over and is giggling like crazy!
Love this lil Bug!

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