Sunday, July 22, 2012


I knew I was going to be paranoid this pregnancy. I mean, honestly who wouldn't be. Lets just say thank my lucky stars that I work in a doctors office and right next to my OB. 

My doctor has been so patient with me. He is so sweet and sensitive. I recommend Dr. Skinner to anyone. When I was 6 weeks, I started having cramping. I knew logically that it was normal. Everyone cramps. It is your uterus expanding and getting thicker for the baby. However, I couldn't shake the fact that something was wrong. I was also very tender on my Left side. I knew that this baby was Ectopic. It had to be. I called my dad, Dr. Juchau and of course he said it was normal, but did I believe him, Nope, not one bit. All reason few out the window. I called my OB and he said to come down for a ultrasound. 

He found baby to be in my left uterus, completely healthy and doing great. Can you say drama queen! Everything was fine. 

Here is babies first photo 
 Yeah, pretty much a blob! But hey it's my baby blob and I am so happy that baby is in fact in my uterus. It is interesting because when I was pregnant with Porter, he was in my Right uterus.  My doctor said that I was probably just not use to my Left side contracting since it never had before. It was nice to get reassured that I wasn't completely crazy. 

I had my next appointment at 8 weeks. We did the standard blood work, vitals, answered questions.....I had ALOT! and we did another ultrasound! BONUS! We got to see our little blob again.  This time we saw little fins. Adorable! I guess the up side of being high risk is that I get to have a ultrasound at every appointment. It's nice to be able to see my baby that much and know that he/she is doing okay.

At my appointment my OB said he wants me to meet with the Perinatologist (Specialized OB doctor) at 20 weeks to get evaluated. He wants to make sure we cover all our bases and get a game plan for my third trimester. When we had Porter we found out that my placenta grew into my uterus. It was a very very rare abnormality and probably had nothing to do with why we lost Porter. I had to have two surgeries to remove it, so we just want to make sure it doesn't happen again and if it does we are prepared for it. I am something of a medical mystery.  My doctor said that I should donate my body to a Medical school and freak out all the Med students! HAHA! I love it. If some of you don't know, I have two uterous, uteri? and four kidneys and a few other interesting abnormalities. Kinda crazy, but kinda cool.

This Saturday I worked at the Clinic and it was soooo Slow. So I asked my dad if we could try to hear the babies heart beat. I was 9.5 weeks. He said not to get upset if we couldn't but he would try.  Well after about 5 or 6 minutes he found it! Babies heart was just pumping away at 165 beats a minute. Hurray! Man have I said how awesome it is to work at a doctors office! Such a huge blessing! I am so thankful for my job, my dad, my doctor and my husband for keeping me sane. Because who knows what a basket case I would be with out them. 

Here I am at 9 weeks. Nothing to show yet, but I am sure in the next few weeks there will be. I show early and I show big. 


  1. Congrats!!! I am very excited for you you! It's awesome you get to have ultrasounds at each appointment, that is neat! You deserve a stress free pregnancy, so you better get it ;)

  2. You're looking and doing great!! Don't be stressed... everything, no matter what, will be fine. :) You're awesome and I'm so excited for you two!! <3

    1. "don't be stressed" .... easier said than done!

  3. You are completely justified in being worried about your little one! I've had 2 healthy pregnancies and still worry about them, especially the first trimester. So nice that you have such great support around you. Glad you've gotten some ultrasounds and heard that reassuring heartbeat. Best of luck! You're in my thoughts and prayers :) enjoy the next 6 months.

  4. you will continue to be in my prayers that everything goes beautifully!