Sunday, July 15, 2012

Being Pregnant

I forgot what it was like to be pregnant. Of course I was remembering the all the beautiful things about it. Constantly daydreaming of feeling my baby move inside of me and having that "Glow."  Its amazing how all the "not so happy things" I went through, happened to slip my mind. :) Oh how they all have come flooding back.  The nausea, throwing up, acne, tiredness, dizziness, headaches and so on. But you know what.......I welcome it. Bring it on! Because as long as I am sick, I know that there is a baby inside of me. A beautiful, perfect, miracle baby that was sent to me! So I am not going to complain, however, it is definitely not a walk in the park. Pregnancy hates me. I was not built to have babies and once I am pregnant my body lets me know it.  However, what a blessing it is to even get pregnant. To have the opportunity to house one of Heavenly Fathers special spirits. To be a Mother. I can not wait! I just hope I can take this little one home with me this time. Fingers crossed. Heart full of hope. Prayers welcomed :). 


  1. Fingers are crossed, and prayers are being given! I'm so happy for you. Being pregnant is HARD! Even though it is the greatest blessing, it still can be difficult to endure. I felt the same way this time around. I'm so grateful to finally be blessed again with a sweet spirit, but I forgot all the yucky stuff. This one has been so different from Jared, but more difficult in a lot of ways. Hang in there! You are amazing! If you ever need to share your difficulties, {because sometimes you just have to!} I'm always willing to lend an ear. :)

  2. I believe it was part of Heavenly Father's plan that our memories of the tough stuff during pregnancy fade away. Sorry that you get bombarded with so much of the not so pleasant things. Hopefull time will fly till you get to experience more of the pleasant things. I am so happy for you!!

  3. Still praying for you and baby =) I love you. I'm so excited for you. Please let me know if you need anything!