Sunday, June 3, 2012


Here are a few more pictures that were not on Jackie Norris's Blog


  1. You look so beautiful Katie! My little boy looked over at the screen and pointed to you and said Momma. I know it will happen for you! I had a hard time getting pregnant as well, and to an extent, I know how you feel. I kept wondering, "When will it be my turn!" Now that I look back, the Lord definitely knew more than I did, and gave me Daxon when He knew I was ready. The time it took though was long and rough. I learned a lot during that time. It will happen :)

  2. one word, LOVE! You are beautiful in and out. I miss working with you. Thanks for sharing your amazing story to all.

  3. These pictures are lovely. I love how she captured some of Porter's items and all of the beautiful things in your home that honor him. You are such a beautiful mother too.