Wednesday, June 20, 2012

5 Years!!!

Holy Macaroni and cheese Batman! Nate and I have been Married for 5 years on June 29th! I am writing this a little early because this is when I have time. It boggles my mind that it has been 5 years, but then when I look back at our marriage, we sure have been through ALOT!

Here is a quick summary of the past 5 years:

Year 1:
We got sealed in Salt Lake Temple for time and all eternity by Nate's grandpa (the best experience ever!)
Moved to St. George for Nate's work as a draftsman (a little less awesome and more anxiety provoking). 
Fell even more in love!
Worked, saved money, Worked, saved money.
Moved back to Springville (thank goodness). 
Started School and new jobs. 
Spent days working, doing homework, sleeping, eating, working, homeworking, sleeping, eating,..trying to go on dates, but mostly homework.

Year 2:
Repeat last line of year 1.
Nate lost his job for 7 months

Year 3:
I graduate from BYU! hip hip hurray! 
Went on Italy trip to celebrate graduating! Score!
Conceived a baby boy in Italy! Double Score!
Threw up for the next 30 weeks, booooo
Worked, worked, worked for me,
Studied, worked, studied for Nate
Had our beautiful angel baby.
Connected deeper to each other then we ever thought possible!
Understood how the Atonement of Jesus Christ applies to me.
Had about a 1,000 medical tests.
Found out there was nothing wrong with me or Porter.

Year 4: 
Started running and really taking care of myself
Started a Blog
Continued to work
Ran my first 5K! 
Went backpacking through Wyoming.
Nate lost his job again :(
Received the Okay to start trying to get pregnant again :)
Had my period every single picking month for the next year
Drew even closer to my husband and the Lord. 
Watched my parent separate, then get divorced
Lost myself for a moment.
Found myself again, thanks to my hubby!

Year 5:
Continued to struggle to get pregnant
Decided we weren't going to stress about it.
Fell even deeper in love
Went California twice for weddings
Nate lost his job again :(
Nate started his own business.
I started a new job...make that two.
We play outside any spare second we get. 

As of today we are just taking life as it comes. A day at a time. If I have learned anything the past 5 years, it has been that you can't control what is going to happen. You just have to do you best with what you have and pray that you can make it through. 

I am so thankful for my Nate. He is my rock, my friend, my lover, my eternal companion. I wouldn't have been able to stay sane through any of this without him. Nate has a patience and tenderness about him, that not many people do. He is the most gentle and loving man I have ever met. He truly loves the Lord and always has charity in his heart. He makes me want to be better, do better, care deeper and stand straighter. I love this guy with everything that I have. Nathan Richard Adams, I LOVE YOU! Thanks for the most wonderful 5 years of my life!

 Thanks for taking the plunge with me!


  1. You guys are so stinkin cute!! I just love you!! Happy 5 year anniversary!! I think you need another trip out of the country and it may help you conceive ;) like maybe england...

  2. You guys are adorable. This is so sweet. Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. I love the picture of the two of you "plunging" into the pool. What an amazing life you have had so far together. Celebrate everyday together. While there will be hard times, and they will be very hard when waiting for that little one to come, take time to enjoy your marriage and celebrate that you can be together. Heavenly Father has a plan for your family and learning to trust in his plan can be hard. I know, I am struggling with that everyday. When that little baby comes into your arms, your joy will be even sweeter and gratitude will overflow. I am praying for that for you and your husband. Porter will be your angel during this life and you will see him again. With love,