Saturday, December 3, 2011

Life Jacket

Sometimes,.... well all the time lately, I feel like I am drowning. I feel like I just make it to the surface and another wave comes and sucks me under. Then I pray for help, plead to make it all stop. I get thrown a life jacket, but I am still suck in the middle of the ocean. I still have the waves crashing down on me, but I stay afloat because of my Savior. He is my life jacket. He knows that I have to stay in the storm and weather it. He knows that I would drown without him, but he can't send a boat to help me yet. That would be to easy. I have to swim the miles to shore myself.  I have to strengthen my muscles and build my endurance. But sometimes I think I will never leave this sad, lonely ocean. But He is there. Lifting me up when I am weak. Carrying me when I can't go any further. He is there, my Savior is always there. I will make it through. I will....Oh please help me make it through Lord.

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  1. Um...I totally love this and it fits perfectly with my newest post...I'm linking back to you blog!