Thursday, September 22, 2011


From the beginning of time the Juchaus were meant to have trials. So it is no surprise that tough stuff has been going on in my family lately. Seems like my family has alot to learn about patience and long suffering.

As the current predicament has escalated I have grown closer to my dad in ways I didn't think I could. 
I Love my dad with all my heart.  
He is my rock, my hero, my nurturer and friend.  He is so strong and humble and loving. I am so thankful that he has always been there from me throughout my life. My dad is a very special and important man. He saves lives for his job. He goes to meetings around the clock and works around the clock to help those in need. I admire his dedication to others and to his family.

I was looking through some old picture and found these tender moments with my dad. 

A little Shout out to My Brother Eric! He is getting married on October 1st!
I love you Eric! You are one of the strongest people I know. You deserve the world and I am so Happy for you and your sweetheart NaRhea!

I Love my family so dearly.  Even though we all have our struggles and trials we have all gotten closer because of them. I am thankful for our hardships in life. It makes the sweeter times that much better!   

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