Monday, April 18, 2011

The snowball effect

I started a goal of running a mile at the beginning of the year. I thought. " hey this will be easy". Well it actually took me a few months and a new pair of awesome running shoes (thank you 26.2) to get to my goal. Once I reached that I decided to set a goal of running a 5k,.. Why, I don't know. I even signed up and paid for one, so naturally I would feel guilty if I didn't go through with it. My date is May 17th. The 5K is called walk to run, all the proceeds go to children with disabilities.

Well today I accomplished my goal of running 3.2 miles (a 5K). I am seriously amazed that I ran this far, I didn't even get that tired, I had to stop because my knee hurt.  I thought that the 5K in May was going to kill me but now I have hope. I now have a new goal of running a half marathon..... I don't know what is going on with me. I seriously have hated running my whole life. I probably wouldn't even run if someone was trying to kill me, "just get it over with" I would say. LOL I am just that lazy. So having these goals is COMPLETELY out of the ordinary for me. Plus I just signed up for my first triathlon in June?!? I call this the snowball effect. I bought my first road bike a few weeks ago and I am in love! I am starting to enjoy running too.

Who would have thought, Katie the short legged, never ran a mile in her life, Katie would be excited about running everyday? Not me. I am so amazed how powerful our minds are. If you think positively and really put in the effort anything can happen. I know this is a little dramatic, but those that know me know what a pathetic runner I am. I thank Kara and Jessie for helping me so much on my way. I still have along way so please keep up with the encouragement and awesome advice. :)

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