Tuesday, December 10, 2013

10 & 11 months

This little miss of mine is growing up way too fast! I feel like everyday she is learning something new. 
I am torn between loving how much she is discovering the world each day, and hating how fast each day goes. Yesterday I was able to go see my visiting teacher's brand new baby. What a shock that was! He was so tiny and helpless! I thought Autumn was still a baby. I mean she is only 15.5 lbs. However, she is definitely not a baby anymore. 
She is army crawling, sitting by herself. She jabbers and says da-da, Hi and ba-ba. She can stand up next to furniture and play with toys. She is curious and aware. She laughs and grunts and patty cakes! She is a big girl now! 
It's truly amazing how much she has accomplished in her 11 months of life!
Hard to believe that she will be ONE, in 3 weeks.  I am so proud of my Miss Tiny!

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