Monday, May 20, 2013

The surgery details

(viewer discretion is advised, this post is not for the weak of stomach, also it has some graphic pictures)

Today we went to see the Neurosurgeon to better understand exactly what will be happening to our Miss Tiny in July. It was very informative. We were able to see the 3D CT scan of her skull and discuss how they were going to fix her malformed skull. Dr. Cambrin told us that if we didn't do the surgery there is a 15% chance her fused skull would effect her intelligence. That is high enough for me! Also, without surgery she will become deformed looking, and surely get teased her whole life. Which apparently can also lower intelligence. So of course we are going forward with the surgery in July. 

What her skull should look like

What Autumn's Skull does look like
 The image is opposite, but the forehead should not be fused!

Dr. Cambrin explain exactly what they will be doing. I have provided some pictures to better illustrate. So you can stop reading now if you don't want to know what is going to happen to our little Autumn.
They start by making a zig-zag cut from ear to ear. They do the zig-zag so her hair can more naturally grow over it. 

Next they will pull her forehead skin down to expose her frontal bones. They next drill holes in her skull, so the Neurosurgeon can push the dura (brain cover) away from the skull so when they remove the frontal bone it won't pull any of the precious dura with it. Next is the CRAZY part. They actually remove up to half of her skull, including her orbital ridge! The Plastic Surgeon shapes the skull on a table and makes it look beautiful, Meanwhile leaving her brain exposed. Now obviously they keep it moist and clean, but its alittle freaky right!!!! 

Then they place the beautifully shaped frontal bone back on her head and attach it and sew up her skin. Isn't that just incredible!

Look at that Before and After! Just amazing! I am soooo super nervous, but I am excited as well. I am excited to see what my already beautiful daughter is going to look like with a normal forehead! I just wish we could skip the actual surgery process. You can imagine how awful they look right after surgery. The swelling and bruising is pretty bad. However, my surgeron's says it looks worse then it is. 

Looks pretty bad to me, but I know that she is in the best hands out there! Dr. Cambrin said she will just have to stay one day in the ICU, then 3-4 in inpatient. So, not too bad! Then after a few days they are back to their happy selves! It amazes me how fast babies heal. Good thing or I would be a mess with worrying about her pain. I feel awful that Miss A has to go through this, but I am thankful that the technology and knowledge is available. 

Love this gorgeous girl!

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  1. Oh my dear! You speak with such strength. I admire that about you. I'm sure this is all difficult, but I love your positivity. Coming from someone who's kid has had brain surgery, it's hard. It's hard to make those choices for your children, but you guys are so courageous to do what is best for her in the long run. I will be thinking and praying for your family!