Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was hard this year;
Porter was not with me,
This is the second year without him
This was the fifth Mother's Day I have had without a child. 
It was three Mother's Days ago that we announced that we were pregnant.
This year I didn't have my Ward to support me, since we were visiting Nate's mom.  
I had to go to two sacrament meetings celebrating Motherhood. 
I had to leave the second one twice because of crying. 
It was the first Mother's day since my parents divorce. 
This was the first Mother's day without my mom in the same state as me. I didn't realized how sad I would be not to have her here with me. 
This week I found out four of my friends that have struggled with infertility are pregnant (which is so incredibly wonderful) I am just ready... So ready for my turn.
I was on my period! Talk about bad timing!!

Mother's Day did have some positives;
I recieved several sweet and tender texts and Facebook messages from my friends and family sending me loves.
We were able to come down to St. George and spend time with Nate's mom.
I received special gifts from friends and family letting me know they were thinking of me.
I was able to listen to my Father in-law speak of Motherhood, which was very touching
I was able to think of Porter and my husband and how lucky I am to be an angle mommy and cherished wife.
I was also able to ponder the Atonement of Jesus Christ and strengthen my testimony of eternal families. 


  1. Mothers day.. such a beautiful day for many but such a heartbreaking day for others...I wish and cross my fingers and really hope you can get pregnant really soon. NOT FAIR.... ARGH

  2. what a sweet family you have! keep praying and all will work out. Your faith in the Lord is evident in your posts.


  3. I'm so glad you were able to find some positives on such a hard day. I'm hoping for you, and can't wait to hear your good news someday soon!